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The rumors of our death are all true

After a heavy duty year of throwing the best party’s in Denver and Las Vegas we have officially put MLM on the shelf for use at another time.   Its was awesome to party with you guys and its a drag that even through we had the best events with the best DJ’s and tons of support we still could not get away from other nights cannibalizing the format, shit talking, problems with the club and basically a scene with too many Thursday night dance party’s and not enough people that will come support.

Denver you’re lazy.   Las Vegas your stuck in the 1990’s.  I am not firing any shots across the bow of anybody in particular,  just overall my perspective.  You both need to figure out who you are and then come see us.  We bid you a big “until next time”.  We are going back to keeping it gully and street so be on the look out for new one offs and late night affairs.

Go support “GOOD SUNDAY” at Tooeys with Ginger and Deftron, Give El Brian a Dollar next time you see him and look for Klaw playing with Big B and Swollen Members on tour in the fall, all across the USA and Canada and rocking face over on the Divide and Conquer blog and on Sound Off doing music blogging for Metropark.


MLM UPDATES or What is up people?

Sorry its been a minute since we posted tons of stuff going on with all of us.  The night is still going strong and we want to thank all you all for coming out and supporting the party,  there is a allot going on in the city but we continue to pull the best and brightest.  Tons of summer events coming up and guest DJ’s to rock your face.

Stay tuned by hitting us up at our myspace page and bookmark the blog fer chissake…….

Thanks.   MLM crew

Mommys Little Monster-Denver-Pics from last couple weeks, Tyler Snow, Thongtard, FM Magazine stops by, Chuck Roy hosts GBS, EL Brian’s Parents…good times.

Mommy’s Little Monster-DENVER- Wins Westword’s “BEST CLUB NIGHT”. thanks!


MLM-Denver March5th with VJ/DJ Clockwork (London Calling-STL.), Klaw, El Brian and Deftron

Crazy sweet night with our crew, binge drinking, dancing, high fives, Mad Dog 20/20, Fate on the canvas and Matt Novak behind the lens.  Big up yourself if you got your photo taken. This party is for you.


MLM-Denver FEB. 27th-LIVE WITH INPUT and Chicks at the Mall with MLM residents

Thanks for coming down and getting down with MLM, INPUT slayed ’em and OUr good bro CATM came out and got the hips dipping.  Warm weather does wonders!!! Peep the peeps.  Keep it dusty…