Vampires vs. Everybody….a undead dance party pics

Fuck Yeah folks,

you came out on the night before a big party weekend, in force.  Thanks for dressing up and raging for your efforts you got free bags of candy blood, vampire teeth, foaming bloody gum, VJing by ANISM, New Frank books and some of the scariest sets from the MLM residents.  See you this week.

oct30st_1_mlm_denver285oct30st_1_mlm_denver330oct30st_1_mlm_denver321oct30st_1_mlm_denver279oct30st_1_mlm_denver315oct30st_1_mlm_denver324oct30st_1_mlm_denver278oct30st_1_mlm_denver323oct30st_1_mlm_denver335All Photos by Matt Novak ©2008

More Photos below the fold……..


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