SEPT 18th-MLM hosts “THE BONED AGE” Grenade Gloves Movie Premier with GUEST DJ FELLI FEL!


Once again we got another sick event for the party people out there we know that world famous DJ FELLI FEL will be in the house and we hope the world famous snowboarder Danny Kass and the Dingo will host The Boned Age DVD Premier this night, that the word on the street and that’s the plan, fuck its their movie!

We are raffling off 2…YES 2 season passes for Echo Mountain that night so make sure you get your ticket to get hooked the fuck up!!!

Peep the PR hustle…..

We’ve slammed, stabbed and soiled all that we could out of life so that we may bring you the 4th installment of Grenade entertainment’s: The Boned Age. Featuring Danny Kass, Louie Vito, Lucas Magoon, Sketchy D, Kyle Clancy, and Scotty Lago. We’ve made a parody of the 90’s cult classic, The Stoned Age to make a film almost identical except for the fact it’s like watching it while loaded with 12 hits of brown acid and a saltshaker full of speed. Grenade’s collected shots from every end of the earth brought together in a film louder than the devil himself.With over 25 stops all of the world, Danny Kass and Dingo will host local viewings and release parties in major cities throughout the country.

Felli Fel, what can we say this guy is A FUCKING SUPER STAR !!!!

This is his track.

This is his crowd.

Simply put ladies and gentleman, this guy is a BEAST!

Were else you going to get this kind of show FOR FREE.  Mommy’s Little Monster is looking out for you!!!!


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