New Fidget / Indie mix “BANGERS 2 BANG 2”



Catch Klaw at Problems D’amour + Bonus Mix.

Boyhollow and I have teamed up and started doing a new monthly called PROBLEMS D’AMOUR playing  Italo / Disco from the late 70’s and early 80’s at Walnut Room (3131 Walnut Street Denver, CO 80205), almost every first Wednesday night of every month for their .50 cent beers night.  Please no BS “disco wear” its not that kind of party this night is a celebration of this music and its ability to make us dance even 20 years later.

BONUS New Mix!

Anyway I have a new mix “Stars In a Coma” that I hope speaks to what we are trying to create at Problems D’Amour.  This is a bit slower than most songs of this genre but I think it  feels a little more soulful at this tempo.  Let me know your thoughts (try and keep it constructive)

Check it out here.


“Stars In a Coma” Live Mix (45mins) – Max Klaw

  1. WOT-Captian Sensible
  2. Rock Your Baby-George McCrae
  3. Stop Bajon-Tullio de Piscopo
  4. Ghost Town-Mono Band
  5. U.S.S.R-Eddy Huntington
  6. Good Times-Chic
  7. Binary-Kazino
  8. Love (Is Gonna Be On Our Side)-Firefly
  9. Ciguri-Material
  10. Sound of Rimini-Kasso
  11. Try It Out-Gino Scoccio
  12. Take Some Time-Sparque
  13. Love Theme From Flexxy Ball (You’ll Never Change No More)-Fred Ventura
  14. Gonna Get You-Cerrone
  15. Digital Signal Processor-Cyber People
  16. Take A Chance-Mr. Fiagio
  17. Dolce Vita-Ryan Paris
  18. Cybernetic Love-Casco
  19. Problemes D’amour-Alexander Robotnick

“Stars In a Coma” Live Mix (45mins) – Max Klaw



The rumors of our death are all true

After a heavy duty year of throwing the best party’s in Denver and Las Vegas we have officially put MLM on the shelf for use at another time.   Its was awesome to party with you guys and its a drag that even through we had the best events with the best DJ’s and tons of support we still could not get away from other nights cannibalizing the format, shit talking, problems with the club and basically a scene with too many Thursday night dance party’s and not enough people that will come support.

Denver you’re lazy.   Las Vegas your stuck in the 1990’s.  I am not firing any shots across the bow of anybody in particular,  just overall my perspective.  You both need to figure out who you are and then come see us.  We bid you a big “until next time”.  We are going back to keeping it gully and street so be on the look out for new one offs and late night affairs.

Go support “GOOD SUNDAY” at Tooeys with Ginger and Deftron, Give El Brian a Dollar next time you see him and look for Klaw playing with Big B and Swollen Members on tour in the fall, all across the USA and Canada and rocking face over on the Divide and Conquer blog and on Sound Off doing music blogging for Metropark.

We run this Thursday night shit.



Yeah, we are still rocking out every week at Benders tavern.   Some changes are coming but as for now we rocking out harder than ever.    Klaw is on tour, El Brian is in Eurpoe and Ginger and Deft are holding it down.

MLM UPDATES or What is up people?

Sorry its been a minute since we posted tons of stuff going on with all of us.  The night is still going strong and we want to thank all you all for coming out and supporting the party,  there is a allot going on in the city but we continue to pull the best and brightest.  Tons of summer events coming up and guest DJ’s to rock your face.

Stay tuned by hitting us up at our myspace page and bookmark the blog fer chissake…….

Thanks.   MLM crew